Today’s decisions create your future.

Everything we do has a consequence, drive recklessly and you’ll probably have accidents. Regularly drink too much alcohol and your liver will cause health problems. Don’t put the revision in and you’ll fail the exams, etc, etc, etc.

The power of NOW, daily decisions we make, affects everything we do, who we have close relationships with, what sort of house we live in, what career we have, relationships with family, which friends we attract, whether we act like a success or a failure.

And why don’t we do what we ‘need’ to do to get the results we want?

Usually, the answer is the same,  I DON’T HAVE THE TIME….

However, successful people have exactly the same time as the non achievers, it’s just that they make better decisions about what they want and get the most useful information to make the best decisions.

So, my plan is to help in your decision making and hopefully spark better ideas and save some time on the research.

But, as I said in the ABOUT section, don’t just take my word for it, get professional advice, especially on health and finance, speak to people who’ve achieved what you want to do and done it honestly.